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I'm a 1 3/4-legged active lifestyle, outdoor enthusiast.

I'm an elective right below knee amputee.

A lifelong accumulation of sport-related injuries to my right foot and ankle left me with a deformed foot, bone-on-bone osteoarthritis, and brittle bones that repeatedly fractured and wouldn’t heal.

I faced at least three limb salvage procedures with the sole purpose of “saving” my foot and ankle. Each surgery came with at least a year of recovery to full weight bearing, assuming perfect surgical outcome. No hope of restored function. No hope of ever having less pain than I was already living with. Dependent on prescription pain medications for the rest of my life.

Amputation and a prosthesis offered the only hope of return to the active lifestyle I had long enjoyed. I’m active again and pain-free! Walking, biking, hiking, and recently returned to distance running. Life is good, and getting better!

Glenn Meurer
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