Meet Our Founder

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" I know what it is like to travel the difficult journey of limb loss without a strong support system. Friendships made through support groups, adaptive sports, and events for the adaptive community became my support system and helped me through my journey and I am forever grateful.


I now pay it forward and help others in the adaptive community through their journey of recovery and triumph over adversity. My hope is to discuss the difficult topics that are rarely talked about, but are so vital to the recovery process - self esteem, setting a positive mindset, body image, effects on interpersonal relationships, how to get back to the gym and lead an active lifestyle, nutrition, re-entering the dating world, and getting back to the workforce. "


- Melissa DeChellis

Calling all persons with physical disabilities! Want a fun night out/in to socialize, meet, and bond with adaptive peers? Then here's the group for you!

Come join us for our next virtual event or on our next outing.

Our Mission

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to support, educate, and inspire those living with limb loss/limb difference or with a physical disability to adapt, overcome, and lead active and fulfilling lives through participation in group activities and outings; educational programs; adaptive sports, fitness, and wellness programs; and through social engagement with adaptively abled peers.

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What We Are All About

  • Bridging the gap between where rehabilitation ends and an active lifestyle begins.

  • Meeting new friends.

  • Finding support from others living with a physical disability.

  • Receiving education on important topics.

  • Paying it forward by offering guidance to members of the adaptive community.

  • Participating in adaptive sport, fitness, wellness, and outdoor activities.

  • Finding your tribe.

  • Going on group outings.

  • Providing a road map to an active lifestyle.

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